Monday, October 29, 2012

art screamer says goodbye

art screamer team - Chestnut Rau, Amase Levasseur, Zachh Cale
It is bittersweet to announce that art screamer has closed.  We are happy to have donated sim resources, curatorial work and promotions over the last year and a half, to amazing artists such as claudia222 jewell (spirit), madcow cosmos & lorin tone (through the lens of dreams), and glyph graves (composition in realities).  While we would have loved to continue, we no longer have the resources.  We are so proud of what we accomplished in partnering with artists, and in helping bring their visions to the virtual public.

art screamer also had the fortune to extend beyond the art screamer simulator, and curate three full sim installations on LEA land grants - Under The Sky by Yooma Mayo, The Returning by Marcus Inkpen, and Plains of Scyn'lai by Kazuhiro Aridian.  

We are also happy to have donated the last two months of full sim build time to Lollito Larkham.  While we are sad not to see his installation through on the art screamer sim, we are sure he will carry forward his work on another sim.

Again, we are so proud to have worked with all these artists, and to have been one landmark in their artistic landscape.  We are so grateful to all who visited art screamer, made contributions, and shared enthusiasm for virtual art.  You helped us keep going for as long as we did.  It's an honor to have been part of the relationship between the public and the artists and their work.  Many humble and heartfelt thanks to you all!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Spirit" Closing Party and a Fond Farewell to Claudia222 Jewell

The closing party for "spirit" by claudia222 jewell was an emotional experience for Art Screamers.  We were elated to have upwards of 75 people on the maxed out sim for more than three hours as we celebrated the talents of claudia222 jewell and her magnificent "spirit."  At the same time we were all quite sad at the prospect of losing a place in Second Life that has become one of the best loved art exhibits in our 3D digital world.

Over and over we were asked why we had to close "spirit" and why we could not leave it open for people to enjoy.  I think the answer is complex.  Tier is expensive and there are not too many people crazy enough to pay $295 USD a month so other people's art can live in Second Life. If tier were more affordable would the art screamers keep "spirit" open?  Maybe and maybe not.  You see "spirit" is a labor of love for claudia and as she told the gathered crowd during the party, the work was a tribute to her father who died not that long ago.

Unlike many artists, claudia spent a great deal of her time at spirit, constantly working on the build and talking with visitors and friends.  In some ways, claudia's presence was part of "spirit" and as much as we would like the work live forever, I do think it was time for the installation to close.  It was time for the intensity of "spirit" to sleep as claudia needs and wants get back to her life.

Certainly, pieces of claudia222 work can be found elsewhere in Second Life and she has an island on cloud party where some of her objects reside.  But to equate sculptures with the immersive experience of the full sim "spirit" is to have missed the point, I think.  Claudia's "spirit" was a grand example of synergy -- the sum of the objects, the presence of the artist, the music, the mood, wearing the avatar so our own bodies became indistinguishable from the art -- this is the legacy that now lives in the memories of those lucky enough to have spent time on "spirit."

(claudia's work on cloud party)

Sometimes the collaboration between artist and curator produces magic and we would like to think "spirit" was magic. Sadly, magic moments in life are fleeting. We savor them but understand they just don't last forever.

I know I speak for the art screamer team and the tens of thousands of visitors to "spirit" when I say "We love you Claudia" and we thank you for the gift of yourself and your art.  


This is what the art screamer sim looks like now.  Our next artist has been engaged and soon we will close to visitors as we prepare for our next installation.  We expect a grand opening late in 2012 or very early in 2013.  Watch this blog for an announcement about the next artist to be featured on the art screamer sim.

Monday, September 3, 2012

"spirit" by claudia222 jewel to close: Farewell Party 9/9 from 10:30am to 1:30pm SLT

The "art screamer" team announces farewell party to celebrate claudia222 Jewell and the closing of her art installation "spirit"

The art installation "spirit" by claudia222 Jewell will leave the art screamer sim in early September after a 7 month exhibition. The public is invited to spend time with the artist and the art screamer team at a Farewell Celebration on Sunday September 9th, 2012 from 10:30am SLT to 2:30pm SLT.  Musical entertainment will be provided by TwinGhost Ronas and Jordan Reyne beginning at 11:30am. Additional musical performances are anticipated and the schedule will be updated as musicians are confirmed.  Music for this event is sponsored by Kermit Rutkowski.

The work "spirit" by claudia222 Jewell has been on the art screamer sim since February 2012.  The installation and has been in the Destination Guide on and off since the beginning, often as an Editor's pick.  Claudia's work has been featured in blogs, magazines, and many machinima.  The installation "spirit" has had close to 20,000 unique visitors, with many returning again and again to drink in the primordial, slightly surreal atmosphere.

The art screamers are proud of spirit and are pleased to have been able to offer Claudia a full sim for her creative expression for these many months.  However, art in Second Life is by definition temporary. As much as everyone hates to see spirit disappear the goal for art screamer is to bring new art to Second Life and the time has come to invite a new artist to build.
Please visit "spirit" by following this SLurl to art screamer  There isn't much time left before the build disappears from Second Life forever!

Machinima Contest!!

In honor of claudia's great work, art screamer is sponsoring a machinima contest.  Please submit links of your existing machinima of the "spirit" installation to Amase Levasseur or Zachh Cale.  Please indicate the avatar name of the creator.  Three winners will be chosen by a panel of Chantal Harvey, LaPiscean Liberty, Zachh Cale, Chestnut Rau and Amase Levasseur.  Winners will be screened at the "spirit" closing event on Sunday Sept 9th, and also featured on the art screamer website.

Submit youtube or vimeo links by Thursday evening Sept 6th
Theme:  "spirit" art installation, on the "art screamer" sim
Winners screened on Sept 9th on art screamer sim

The group "art screamer" is curators Zachh Cale, Amase Levasseur and Chestnut Rau.  They operate art screamer sim in Second Life where they support talented artists by offering the opportunity to build and exhibit on a full sim.  The art screamer team provides promotional support for artists and reaches out to audiences outside the traditional art world.  

Contact:  Chestnut Rau

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Spirit by claudia222 jewell at Art Screamer to close

Spirit by claudia222 Jewell has been on the art screamer sim since February 2012.  We have been in the Destination Guide on and off since the beginning, often as an Editor's pic.  Claudia's work has been featured in blogs, magazine, and several machinima. As of today we have had more than 17,500 unique visitors, with many returning again and again to drink in the primordial, slightly surreal atmosphere.

For many donning the free Spirit avatar and becoming part of the art is the highlight of their visit. "Being" Spirit and floating through the landscape while listening to the music is calming and slightly meditative. Visitors from the fashion community came for the free avatar and then made Spirit the background for other fashion photography.  It has been great fun to see claudia's work inspire people who may not have otherwise spent a lot of time in an otherworldly art sim enjoy mesh creation in a new way.

Zach, Amase and I are proud of Spirit and we are pleased to have been able to offer Claudia art screamer for these many months.  However, art in Second Life is by definition temporary. As much as we hate to see Spirit disappear our goal for art screamer is to bring new art to Second Life and the time has come for us to invite a new artist to build.

With hearts that are a bit heavy we will be closing Spirit by claudia222 Jewell at the end of August to make room for the next artist.  We are not quite ready to announce who will be featured on art screamer or when the Grand Opening will be, but believe me the new art screamer sim will be amazing.

You still have about a month to enjoy Spirit so please visit us!  We will make sure Claudia knows how much we have loved hosting Spirit by holding a going away party to be remembered.  Please watch this blog for information about dates, times and performances.

Please enjoy this machinima by Kronos Kirkorian!

 Spirit from David Laundra on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Returning - by Marcus Inkpen

Opens Saturday June 16 10 AM 

Marcus Inkpen, reknown creator and artist in SL, explores the spiritual connection we once experienced, as an integral part of life, now lost - but lying in wait for our return.  On sim LEA17, Marcus created a full sim installation inspired by this concept, and offers opportunity to share in a spiritual re-awakening.

Monday, May 28, 2012

New Star and Octopussy at "spirit" by claudia222 jewell

"Ok kids, don't push it, or I'll drop you off at the next petrol station.  You're lucky you made it this far...."
This photo by claudia222 jewell, is of one of her latest mesh creations, only with a humourous twist.  I love how the photo appears colorized like a 50's post card.   What a talent!

6PM Monday May 28, NOMA FALTA

Join us 6PM Monday for a live concert of Blues & Rock at art screamer!  Noma Falta is a master blues vocalist/bassist, and can sing & play almost anything - come join us to hear why she tears up the musical metaverse.  6PM at art screamer Monday May 28.